Refresh Your Old Furniture In Few Easy Ways


Giving your furniture a refresh is a fantastic way of breathing some new life into the home without having to spend a fortune. It’s also an opportunity for you to flex your creative muscles. Below are easy ways of refreshing your furniture.

  1. Paint It Over

Paint It OverOne of the cheapest ways to make anything old item look new is to simply paint it. While this doesn’t apply to every single item in the home, it certainly works for any piece that contains wooden components in them. Furniture items like coffee tables, dressers and bookshelves certainly fit this bill.

If you are a beginner DIY painter, it’s advisable to pick smaller pieces such as mirror frame, and experiment with it before you take on bigger jobs.

  1. Wrap it up

A paint and yarn can give your chairs a softer look in no time. Begin by choosing your color palette. Apply a few coats to your chairs and make sure you do this in a properly ventilated house, and then allow it to dry. After it has dried up, get on it with the yarn. Cotton spaghetti is the most preferred, as it is a thicker yarn that’s got a lot to give. It also gives a more modern look. Have the back and the sides wrapped so that its string has a snug fit. Tie the end and please have a seat!

  1. Modern vintage

 Modern vintageYou can give your metal cabinet a vintage feel by applying 2 coats of fresh spray paint. Just ensure you do this in a properly ventilated area. You should expect to have a textured look after it has dried. Armed with 2 cans of paint and the same number of paint brushes start off by alternately dabbing the cabinet with each color. After achieving your desired effect, just allow the paint to dry. Finally, use some sandpaper to roughen up the edges. For really full effect, you can paint the keys brown, too.

  1. Clean it up

Sometimes all it takes to bring that neglected piece of furniture back to life is to do a thorough soap job. Before you start the cleaning, sand down your wooden furniture and then proceed to wipe the surface using a water vinegar mixture after which you should polish it with olive oil containing lemon juice to give it a shinier look.

Where the furniture contains leather surfaces, you need to mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and then add a couple of olive oil drops. A thorough cleaning is not only fast and free, but is sure to transform the whole appearance of your home.

  1. Tufting

Merely adding tufts has the potential to make those droopy sofa cushions appear much perkier. This is a mess-free technique and doesn’t call for the use of dyes or paints but one that has pretty dramatic effects.

  1. Change the Legs

If you want to give your old couch a modern update, you may want to remove the skirt and then paint the legs of the sofa a bright color. You can do the same to your old coffee table or even that outdated set of dining chairs.